Million Dollar Chiropractic Personal Injury Practice Under 12 Months

Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing

In under 12 months this chiropractor increased his chiropractic practice income 1 million dollars.

The 1 million was created by only one chiropractic personal injury marketing system, the PI Attorney Educational Sales Campaign.
He increased his personal injury new patient referrals 30 a month from only 5 referring attorneys.
This chiropractor practices in California with a case average of $3K which creates $90K a month or over 1 million a year.
And he did this in under 12 months!
For more information on how we can do the same for you give Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing a call at 813-480-1693.

The Purchaser of this $97 Personal Injury Seminar is Allowed Attendance to One Live Seminar!

Cost $97 Seminar

After your purchase please e-mail Dr. Paul to confirm your attendance or for any additional information.


E-mail: or

Phone: (813) 480-1693

Personal Injury Attorney Seminar Benefits

There are 5 big benefits for personal injury attorneys to attend our personal injury documentation seminar!

Personal Injury Attorney Benefits:

     1. Learn the 4 pillars of documentation necessary for the logical persuasion and support for higher demands and larger awards.

  • Establish cause and effect relationship

  • Subjective and objective findings

  • Response to treatment

  • Impairment and need for future care

     2. Learn the 4 categories of injury claim awards that are solely dependent on the doctors documentation and why its important to work with doctors who are knowledgeable in personal injury documentation.

  • Medicals

  • Pain and suffering

  • Impairment

  • Need for future care

     3. Learn the documentation necessary to limit or stop the argument of preexisting injury.

    4. Learn the documentation necessary to limit or stop the argument of low impact injury and low property damage.

   5. Learn the 4 questions all personal injury attorneys should ask their referring doctors or risk limiting your injury claim.

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