The Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing System I Used to Opened 77 Chiropractic Offices in 20 States!

Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing, Dr. Paul Hollern

The S Curve of Economics was the marketing system I used to open 77 chiropractic offices in 20 states seeing over 600K patient visits annually becoming the worlds largest chiropractic provider.

The S Curve of Economics is taught in the #1 marketing college in the US but not in the chiropractic profession.

This video show the results of how the S Curve of marketing allowed me to see more patients than I could physically treat including chiropractic personal injury marketing patients.

And required me to hire multiple associate doctors to treat the overflow.

For more information on how to use the S Curve of marketing to build your new patient base call 813-480-1693.


50% Off Personal Injury Seminar Teaching the 3 Steps to $100K in 90 Days!

Video Shows How My 90 Day Fast Start Program Increases Your Personal Injury Practice $100K in 90 Days!

The seminar includes the documentation and marketing training necessary to increase your practice income $100K in 90 days and over $300K in under 12 months!

Topics Include: Documentation and Marketing

Documentation Includes:

  • The 5 Categories of Financial Driver or Colossus Documentation

  • The 6 Steps to Tell the Story and Win the Case

  • The 2 Steps on How to Defend the Case

Marketing Includes:

  • The single most lucrative marketing skill set you can own as a practicing chiropractor, personal injury attorney educational sales!


  • 92% Clients Increase $100K in 90 Days!

  • Average Client: Over $300K in 12 Months

  • Dr. Packer over 1 Million 18 Months

  • Dr. Sheridan over 1 Million 12 Months

  • Dr. Staubs over $250K in 6 Months


  • Only takes 3 PI cases month at $3000 case average increase your practice income over $100K year!

Speaker Dr. Paul Hollern:

    • Opened 77 Offices in 20 States

    • Speaker 3 Chiropractic Colleges

    • Authored 6 Books

    • Donated Over $500K Chiropractic

    • Never Lost Case Testifying on Behalf of Patients

    • Testimony Resulted Largest Personal Injury Award

Normal Cost $997

50% Discount Only $397

West Coast Location Portland OR:

Date and Time:

  • Sat Oct 7, 2017 from 9am to 7pm

  • Sun Oct 8, 2017 from 9am to 1pm


Radisson Hotel Portland Airport

Phone: (503) 251-2000

6233 NE 78th Court

Portland, OR 97218


Normal Cost $997

50% Discount Only $397

Start With These 5 PI Marketing Systems

Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing, Dr. Paul Hollern

These are the 5 locations potential chiropractic personal injury patients search for chiropractors.

  • Personal Injury Patient Video Newsletter
  • Insurance Videos
  • Google for Business
  • Condition Videos
  • Office Sign

Always start your marketing where the target market is looking for providers. In this case these are the first 5 places potential chiropractic personal injury patients will search for chiropractors.


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