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Personal Injury Seminar

7 Major Medical Legal Topics:

  1. How to write a narrative reports that creates referrals!

  2. How to write medical reports that stop IME cuts!

  3. How to write SOAP Notes that justify the need for care and get you paid!

  4. How to give winning depositions!

  5. How to testify and win in court!

  6. PI Attorney automated video newsletter!

  7. How to write personal injury diagnosis!

Tampa Fl Seminar:

Date: Fri April 21 and Sat April 22

Times: 9am to 7pm Fri and Sat

Ramada Westshore

Address: 1200 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

Phone: (813) 282-3636

San Diego CA Seminar:

Best Western Seven Seas

Date: Fri May 12 and Sat May 13

Times: 9am to 7pm Fri and Sat

Address: 411 Hotel Cir S, San Diego, CA 92108

Phone: (619) 291-1300

Cost $397

Register for Either Seminar Location Here:

Never Say These Personal Injury Chiropractor Words In Court Or Case Dismissed

Personal Injury Chiropractors, Dr. Paul Hollern

There are only a few concepts or words you cannot say in a deposition or court testimony.
However if you ever mention the third party reimbursement the case will be thrown out.
The legal systems does not want a jury to know a insurance company will be paying the personal injury award and not the insurer.
They know a jury will award a much high verdict if a insurance company is going to pay the award.
Therefore you should never mention anything insurance related in your notes, deposition or court testimony.
They will however ask you about your personal injury chiropractors bill and your fees. So be prepared to answer those questions.
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