50% Off Personal Injury Seminar Teaching the 3 Steps to $100K in 90 Days!

Video Shows How My 90 Day Fast Start Program Increases Your Personal Injury Practice $100K in 90 Days!

The seminar includes the documentation and marketing training necessary to increase your practice income $100K in 90 days and over $300K in under 12 months!

Topics Include: Documentation and Marketing

Documentation Includes:

  • The 5 Categories of Financial Driver or Colossus Documentation

  • The 6 Steps to Tell the Story and Win the Case

  • The 2 Steps on How to Defend the Case

Marketing Includes:

  • The single most lucrative marketing skill set you can own as a practicing chiropractor, personal injury attorney educational sales!


  • 92% Clients Increase $100K in 90 Days!

  • Average Client: Over $300K in 12 Months

  • Dr. Packer over 1 Million 18 Months

  • Dr. Sheridan over 1 Million 12 Months

  • Dr. Staubs over $250K in 6 Months


  • Only takes 3 PI cases month at $3000 case average increase your practice income over $100K year!

Speaker Dr. Paul Hollern:

    • Opened 77 Offices in 20 States

    • Speaker 3 Chiropractic Colleges

    • Authored 6 Books

    • Donated Over $500K Chiropractic

    • Never Lost Case Testifying on Behalf of Patients

    • Testimony Resulted Largest Personal Injury Award

Normal Cost $997

50% Discount Only $397

West Coast Location Portland OR:

Date and Time:

  • Sat Oct 7, 2017 from 9am to 7pm

  • Sun Oct 8, 2017 from 9am to 1pm


Radisson Hotel Portland Airport

Phone: (503) 251-2000

6233 NE 78th Court

Portland, OR 97218


Normal Cost $997

50% Discount Only $397

Start With These 5 PI Marketing Systems

Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing, Dr. Paul Hollern

These are the 5 locations potential chiropractic personal injury patients search for chiropractors.

  • Personal Injury Patient Video Newsletter
  • Insurance Videos
  • Google for Business
  • Condition Videos
  • Office Sign

Always start your marketing where the target market is looking for providers. In this case these are the first 5 places potential chiropractic personal injury patients will search for chiropractors.


The 8 Categories Necessary to Document Chiropractic Personal Injury Cases

Chiropractic Personal Injury Documentation and Marketing, Dr Paul Hollern

There are 8 major categories of chiropractic personal injury documentation necessary for narrative reports, depositions and trial testimony.

The 8 personal injury documentation categories are:
  1. Mechanism of injury
  2. Subjective and objective findings
  3. Treatment protocol
  4. Response to treatment
  5. Impairments
  6. Need for future care
  7. Pre existing injury
  8. Low impact injury

It isĀ  important to include all 8 categories of chiropractic personal injury documentation to win cases.

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