The Narrative Report Structure

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing

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The structure of the personal injury narrative report can be just as important as the content within the report.

If the narrative report is confusing in its layout or does not have the information in the proper sequence it will negatively affect the case.

Some of the main factors that should be considered in the structure of the personal injury narrative report include:

  • Plenty of white space
  • The use of bullets and lists
  • No long run on paragraphs
  • Categories stay consistent

The personal injury narrative report should be easy to view and understand to all those who read it.

$150K Increase and NO Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing

Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing, Dr. Paul Hollern

Watch how Dr. Tom increased his chiropractic personal injury income over $150K without any personal injury marketing.

Dr. Tom has implemented our chiropractic personal injury documentation which has dramatically affected his PI attorney referrals and patient retention.

Some of the most important aspects of personal injury documentation is to properly document the top financial drivers and tell the story in 6 steps to logically build the case value.

By documenting the soft tissue spinal injury case using this method you can increase the value of the case and therefore stimulate more PI attorney referrals.

The Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing System I Used to Opened 77 Chiropractic Offices in 20 States!

Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing, Dr. Paul Hollern

The S Curve of Economics was the marketing system I used to open 77 chiropractic offices in 20 states seeing over 600K patient visits annually becoming the worlds largest chiropractic provider.

The S Curve of Economics is taught in the #1 marketing college in the US but not in the chiropractic profession.

This video show the results of how the S Curve of marketing allowed me to see more patients than I could physically treat including chiropractic personal injury marketing patients.

And required me to hire multiple associate doctors to treat the overflow.

For more information on how to use the S Curve of marketing to build your new patient base call 813-480-1693.


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