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Personal Injury “DOCUMENTATION” and “MARKETING” Seminar Videos!

Start Now and Get Immediate Access to our Pre-recorded Personal Injury Documentation and Marketing Seminars!

Documentation Videos Include:

  • How to document the top 5 Colossus financial drivers

  • Learn how to document the low impact and pre-exisiting injury

  • Learn how to easily give impairment ratings

  • Learn how to use functional capacity and impairment indexes

  • Learn the documentation necessary to stop IME’s

  • Learn how to stop PI attorneys from asking to cut your bill

  • How to give diagnosis codes

  • How to give medical reports and treatment plans

  • Learn how to win at depositions and trial

Marketing Videos Include:

  • Personal injury website videos

  • 10 condition videos

  • Major medical insurance videos

  • Auto insurance videos

  • Auto injury office sign videos

  • Facebook auto injury videos

Normal Cost $1997

50% Off Cost $997

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